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Originally Posted by e92justin View Post
Im joining because i want to serve my country and gain military experience. Because having that along with a college degree which i plan to do afterwards will (at least i hope so) get me closer to becoming a police officer. But at the same time i still want to do what i wanna do (jumping out of planes, kickin doors open, and all that other shit that goes along with it).
You need to talk to a grunt about what it's really like. It's not a glorious action movie. It doesn't sound like you're going to be in for very long, so the chances of you even getting a shot at jump school are almost nil. Maybe if you went FR and stayed in a bit, but.... Being a grunt isn't some fast-paced badass lifestyle. You're going to sit around a lot, hump (as in hike) a shitload, and learn to clean your weapon until your fingers bleed.

Your best setup for going LEO after getting out would be to enlist into 5811 (MP). However, I did a stint at the Provost Marshall's Office (basically the MP unit), and I can't tell you of any MOS in the entire Marine Corps that I knew people to hate so much (but I didn't have a ton of experience with every MOS, so it's possible there are worse out there).... The only ones who liked it were the ones who had the jack-off power tripping attitudes. Everyone else despised the job.

Also, a point that a lot of people don't always consider: As a grunt, you're going to end up being stationed at Sausage Factory Central. Pendleton isn't so bad, but LeJeune and Oki are absolutely terrible places to be stationed IMO, unless you love being around other Marines when you're trying to get away from them. Overall, even pogue units don't have great choices (Miramar is great though), but as a grunt you've got a very good chance of hating where you live.