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Winter Tire selection - 2007 328xi sports/premium package

Good Afternoon all -
I am a new BMW owner and new to this forum..

I am looking for advice/guidance on purchasing winter tires for my new car:
2007 328xi with prem/sports package.

I know winter is a long way off but thought I would start early..

Here are my questions:
1) Should I stick to run flat winter tires? If so do I need special rims for run flat tires if I do not want to use my stock rims in winter? or could I pick up a set up basic rims to mount these tires?

2) I have the sports package - do I have to go with the same width tires (staggered 245/225) or can I go with the base 205 width tires in winter?

3) Is the 2007 328xi equipped with TPMS?

4) what is OE certified tire?

Thank you in advance for your responses and sorry if any of these questions are basic.