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Drives: bmw 335i space gray
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Hey guys,
im from Sydney, i ran my car tonight.

Stock 07 335i space grey(red goes faster right? lol)
steptronic, stock 18s RFT standard pressure, 1/2 tank of 98octane(australian measurement)
air temp was 8 degrees celcius
not sure what the sea level was.
60' -2.207
330- 5.881
1/8- 8.882
MPH 82.59
1000 - 11.445
1/4 - 13.617
MPH 104.53

this was the first time with the 335i on the strip. If only i could get a better 60' then im sure i be at the 13.3xx time.

Cant wait to do the mods and get a LSD! cause my burnouts were pretty pathetic with one wheel spinning 12s here i come !