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I recently got a no proof of insurance ticket as well and the officer didn't check "correctable" on the citation. It's a pain in the ass to deal with. I don't remember the exact statute but it started with 16 and ended in (a) just like yours. When I went to court the clerk told me that the code the CHP used was not correctable in any way in their system and I'd have to get a court date... in January. So I suggest you try to figure out if he made it correctable or not.

Also from your diagram it looks like you cut over a solid white to get into the left turn line. I think that's considered an "improper" lane change or something or other. Just throwing that out there.

On a side note though what the hell is going on with Cali cops lately? My friends have been getting tickets left and right. When I got my ticket I was leaving the DMV after just receiving plates for a new car. The cop was in the DMV parking lot with me and followed me out only to pull me over and give me no license plate and no proof of insurance tickets.
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