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I wasn't referring to the right turn only lane but you are right regardless. I took another look at your diagram and it looks like you merged into the left or straight lane. I thought you went into the full-on left lane that had a solid white. My bad.

About the insurance part though.. that's what I thought as well, but I have a January 13th court date to prove me wrong. The clerk at the courthouse said that since the CHP marked uncorrectable on the ticket there was no way she could override that in her system even though I had papers with me to prove I was insured at the time. She said I had to sign up for a court date and show my insurance information to the judge in the hopes that he/she overturns the citation. Such a hassle to deal with. Especially when I SPECIFICALLY told the officer that I HAD insurance and just didn't have a printed copy on me as I had just purchased the vehicle.

To be honest I think you're gonna be in the same boat as me because a year or so ago I got another one of these in my other car. That was due to negligence though as I just chose not to carry it on me. Stupid, I know, and I have no idea what I was thinking. But I told the cop the situation and he checked correctable. I went to court, showed the clerk my insurance information, paid the 25 dollars or so for the court fee and that was that. So I'm assuming since he checked uncorrectable you're gonna have to see a judge. Sorry, mate.
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