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Originally Posted by quattrogmbh View Post
I don't understand why you are telling the insurer that you have fitted winter tyres??

Surely, as long as the alloys are the standard size, the tyres the same size, speed and load rating then you have not materially increased the risk?

If you are looking to increase the size of alloy and generally make the vehicle a susceptible to a higher risk then yes, I see their point, but to tell them that you are fitting winter tyres is similar to telling them you are changing from Bridgestone to Michelin.
BMW provide complete sets of winter wheels and tyres for my M-Sport car. The Winter tyres are fitted on standard 17" rims, while my summer tyres are on 18" M-Sport rims. in In the eyes of my insurance company changing wheels constitutes modifying my car. And if I modify my car and don't inform them I risk invalidating my policy in the event of a claim.

In short, through its complete ignorance of the benefits of winter tyres, my insurance company penalizes me for fitting bog standard wheels with safer tyres.

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