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OK first of all I see that this forum is very very 335i/M3 oriented... Well I guess my 330d will be the only black sheep Here in France 3/4 of vehicles sold are diesels because of high taxes on fuel (although diesel cars are more expensive, diesel fuel is cheaper and of course consumes much less, at least starting from certain power levels), and I've got pretty much the best diesel out there (apart from the 286ps and 306ps twin turbo versions) : the 245ps and 520Nm torque are available anytime when needed, a great pleasure to drive and a world apart from the 320d. The best part however is the consumption : BMW announced 5,9L 100/Km, well it's not that far actually. The engine still needs to be run in, but on our first trip (a 1000Km route to Southern France, mainly on highways but a few trafic jams as well... as usual in France ), with 3 adults and a kid in the car and a fully loaded trunk, and with the air conditioner non stop on, the computer registered a 6,4L /100Km average only (36.7mpg). It's better than I expected and better than any similar competition. So to sum up, I'm totally satisfied with the engine and the car's dynamic behavior, I guess my first BMW won't be my last Thanks BMW

Now as for the color... We ware going to take Monaco Blue, dark blue/light interior being our favorite color combination. Unfortunately Monaco Blue had just been discontinued and replaced by Deep Sea Blue (the Z4 blue). A marvelous color but a little too shiny and light colored under the sun, we thought. We wanted something darker and more sober, "executive" as MsportNorway said Well, the only such blue available was the Azurite Black, one of 4 Individual colors available in France on the E9x range (the other being Ruby Black, Moonstone and Aventurine Silver). I don't know if I'd had taken the color without actually seeing it, but I was lucky to see it for real at my dealer on a E92... After searching for other pics on the internet, the decision was taken, it would be Azuritschwarz It was hard to wait the 2 extra months to get the Individual option, but well worth it This color is absolutely AMAZING : in low to average light, it is a very dark blue, close to black, and can even be mistaken with black; but as the sun rays directly hit the paint, those pure "jeans blue" pigments suddenly come to life and the paint transforms itself like by magic. It is hard to render in photos, but believe me it looks terrific live!! And I'm glad to have one of probably very few existing E91 in this color

Here are a few other pics showing how different the paintjob may appear depending on the light conditions :

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