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Originally Posted by johnny_boy View Post
I am having an issue with jerky stops in my 2007 335i. Almost every stops I come to, right before the car stops, the car jerks forward like someone tapped my rear bumper. At first, I thought this was only when the engine was cold, as I only drive very short distance back and forth to work (less than 5 miles), but it still does it even when the engine is fully warmed up. When cold, it is every stop. When warm, maybe 70% of the time.

Anyone else still having these issues? Search seems to bring back posts from 2007/2008, but not much more recent ones, so maybe the recent models do not have this issue? I am the second owner, so I am not sure if this was there before, but I have noticed this for past few months.

I am assuming this is the soft stop feature. Anyway to disable this? This shows up on both D and DS mode. I think it even does it when I manually downshift coming to a stop.

I took it to the dealership twice and:
- the first time, they checked the transmission fluid (OK), and then reset the computer. It was good for a day, but then the jerk came back
- the second time, reprogrammed the computer to the latest, and they raised the issue with BMW, and they denied PUMA case saying this is within the working parameters of the operations of the car

I am not sure how this could be “normal”? If I reset the transmission learning thing (foot off the brake, push “start”, hold down the gas pedal for 60 seconds), then it will not do this for a short while, but then it will come right back within a day.

I can deal with this if it happens every once in a while, but almost every stop is a bit ridicules.
Johnny Boy, I'm afraid your problem may come back. I have had the exact same problem that you have described for the last two years, The problem is not transmission fluid.

It's the Neutral Idle Control. The first step in SIB, is to update the software to smooth out the bump feeling, second step if that doesn't work is to deactivate the NIC feature completely. They just did that to mine last week. The Car is running silk smooth now.
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