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Originally Posted by johnny_boy View Post
OK, my car is finally fixed, after taking it for the third time. PUMA case was reopened and they did the fix. The car no longer bumps right before the stops.

According to the Invoice, this is what they did:
1. Replacement of Mechatronic Valve Body
2. Replace Trans Fluid
3. Replace Trany Pan
4. Coded and programmed new Mechatronics
The car still is running fine now without the jerk, since the above fix. However, I do not put a lot of miles on the car (it is my secondary car), so it might be too early to tell.

BTW, it still does have that slight transition where I think the rear brake calipers let go right before the complete stop (I am assuming that is what I feel. It could be the down shifting of the gears?). However, that does not feel like a jerk and it is mostly smooth transition. I think that one is normal?
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