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e92 m-sport ordered! :) hello everyone

Hello everyone, I've been an avid reader of these forums for so long now, apologies for the lack of posting! Please forgive me.
Sorry for another "Iíve ordered" post, but I cannot help it... and it may ease the pain of the wait.
In a nutshell, i have had a 500 quid deposit on a e92 m3 for almost 2 years now, but i have decided to go for a 335i now the m-sport is out (well Iím also very impatient)
I think the car will have as much power as I could ever need, especially due to the fact I am driving a 2.0 mondeo!
Iíve gone for:

E92 m-sport Ė sapphire black
225m rims
Sat nav pro/Bluetooth/voice
Grey poplar wood
Auto (only cos I drive in London and I seen this video Ė still scared tho as I have been driving manuals for 12 years and I donít want to forgot how to!)
Usb (6fl)
Coral red
Heated seats
Folding and dimming mirrors
Front sensors
Glad I went for these rims, as this picture from BMWMB on the m-sport forum shows

with a stroke of luck I put the deposit down (£1000) on the 27th Feb, and I havenít been affected by the prices rises (think its about £650 on this model) that came into effect.
I visited the dealer (inchcape cooper) a few days later to finalise the spec. It came to a grand total of £41,600 ish. I managed to negotiate the price down to 40,250 and signed on the dotted line. However I am worried now because I have seen other posts were people have got 8% off I could have got the logic 7 etc and feel gutted that I probably havenít got the best deal.

I am due to part exchange my mondeo and perhaps I can get the dealer to pay a bit more for this to compensate. The upper price on the website he used ( was £4,300, I was thinking I could push for £5000 especially as I am very tempted to go for the 5 years service and maintenance and perhaps the shortfall or gap insurance.
My delivery date is down for the end of May, and I was hoping this may come forward! Its torture waiting, however I am to the Caribbean in a few weeks with my girlfriend, this may ease the pain and will be bringing a print out of the manual (god I am sad) I have also started smoking again!! After giving up at new year.
Thanks for reading.