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Originally Posted by radgator1 View Post
335i Sedan, no air oil cooler. I was running 240-245ish when fully warmed up. Last couple of days my car has been running significantly cooler. I'm not sure if there is a corrleation or not but I removed my front plate frame 2 days ago. See this thread.

Again, i have no idea if there is a cause and effect but my car is definitely running cooler the last 2 days. I will have to see if it holds up. Next I am planning on removing the finishing rods to see if that helps as well. Anyone know how to remove them short of taking off the bumper cover or just breaking them off?

Just for grins can the sedan folks list whether or not they have a front plate frame on?
Not a sedan, but FWIW I noticed no diff in temps with no plate, and with a plate that partially blocked my FMIC. I also tried driving around with no front mesh, and noticed no difference in temps.