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This is a potentially serious issue...

After seeing what other peoples temps are and someone chiming in with a limp mode at 300 degrees, the situation does not look good.

We need to take this a step further. Does anyone know or have a connection with an engineer regarding these temps and their effect on this turbo engine. Also, does anyone have a schematic showing where this temp sensor is located. If it's located just after the oil leaves the turbos, it would be the answer.

I understand that BMW is a reputable company that would test and test and test and would probably never release an engine that would be detrimental to itself.

I also understand the possibility of the engine controlling temps to a certain degree to make the engine more efficient.

What I don't understand is the temp spikes. Also, that one of the persons posted saying that they tracked the car and it went into limp mode at 300.

Personally, I leased my car so I really shouldn't care. I do care however if the car goes into limp mode on the track do to overheated oil.