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Originally Posted by BMW_drei View Post
Does anyone know what the "track" conditions were? How close can we expect to get to that on the street?

Basically, assuming the cooler is there to supplement the system for sustained high speeds (which would explain why BMW thought it wasn't needed in the USA), how fast for how long?
Both people I've personally spoken with have mentioned 2-3 hot laps before an overheat. My understanding of the oil cooler is even in cars with it, it is doing nothing more often than not. However under intense load it is there to assist in the cooling of the oil (duh), so that the oil can keep the head cool. When I spoke with the Ontario SA he made me feel a lot better about heat soak and the chance of overheating during regular driving, however during long periods of high speed driving, or a lot of WOT, he could not commit to saying the car would not have heat problems without the cooler.