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Thanks for the comments guys. I will be saving more money and do more mods~!!

Originally Posted by Luckymild7 View Post
To be honest, he shouldn't be charging money for that level of work. Just my $0.02.
The cars are great already, but just don't it's that pro. Could be better
Steph, why don't you photo shot with you super skill for the whole local forum member next time. lol

Originally Posted by michael1284 View Post
does anyone have the white one in a larger rez? i want a new desktop background :O
Sure, which one do you want, tell me the number. I'll make it bigger for you..

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One question: why does the first pic have 2 tow hook slots?
Cause the blue 335i is heavy it needs two tow trunk to tow it.. jk, my guess maybe the photoshopper is tired.. so he just make it even ??