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30 min might not seem like a long time....sh00t, especially when you have to tip constantly to continue (but that's another topic)... but when you have a baby/kid, it changes your ENTIRE concept of time. I'm looking for the least amount of work in the least amount of time. I'm willing to pay the price, within reason, even if the end result is not perfect. =)

I did think about the possibility of harsh chemicals before...but I was told about 10 years ago that it's not that bad actually. I was more concerned about the spray intensity initially.

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The touch free ones are horrible for the paint. It washes by throwing really strong chemicals on it. Think about it, chemicals that can break down oil and grime without scrubbing. What will it do to your rubber seals? Your clear coat? Many detail shops have quick hand wash options that takes 30 minutes tops.