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Originally Posted by Van_bimmer View Post
THe 335 will be my third car with iDrive on it. And to the best of my knowledge, you simply cant ask for it, nor pay for it. You need to have some sort of problem with your computer functions first, such as 'CD Drive keeps spinning' or 'seat belt chime problem'.

iDrive is SOOOO slow cause BMW (or Microsoft) did not design the CCC with a fast enough processor to handle the split screen functions. The NAV system is what seems to bog it down the most, since its always running in the background. A 2004 530i I had, didnt have the nav option, and the iDrive was lightning fast in all functions, (hence no split screen with the smaller 6" screen). Seems like a huge oversight on BMW's part. This is definatley not a 3series problem... its been plaguing BMW for 5 years now, started on the 7er.
Ugh... as discussed numerous times, the OS is not by Microsoft. It's by WindRiver called VxWorks and it is not necessarily processor power that makes it slow. Too much display overhead/memory is certainly a possibility as mentioned on this thread among numerous other things.