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Radio Replaced!

Originally Posted by mike3000fl View Post
dont forget to post a follow up.... in case someone else gets the same issue

Finally got around to taking my 328i in to the BMW service center (to repair the #6 preset button which was stuck solid).

It took a couple of visits. In the first visit, the problem (stuck #6 preset button) was confirmed by the service guy. Left the car there for the day. Then he called to tell me that he opened a PUMA case with BMW. So, I guess the BMW PUMA technicians confirmed the problem and the service guy ordered the part. So I picked up my car and scheduled an appointment for the following week when the part (faceplate) was estimated to arrive.

Second visit, dropped the car off in the morning the repair was supposed to take an hour, but the service guy called to tell me that they were having trouble with the CCC computer and the car would have to stay overnight. So, the next day by noon fortunately the service guy called me - SUCCESS!!! the radio was fixed, everything configured properly with the new faceplate.

Thanks to everyone here for their good advice - BMW delivered on their warranty.

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