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Originally Posted by aus View Post
I've ran a couple HPDE with the CCA at the Roval and had no issues. Both times it was around 90 degrees on track and I ran full sessions.
The last time out there, someone in an E92 335 had the same issues as the OP and it was maybe 85 degrees on track. He couldn't get a full session in without limp mode. Go figure??
It truly, truly depends on how the car is driven (plus car mods, presence of stock oil cooler, AT/MT and ambient temps).

When I started doing DEs last year, I couldn't overheat the 335 even if I wanted to. Now, it's a matter of how many laps I can get in 90F ambient, with the same mods. On the flip side, I'm 6-10 secs faster this year per lap. I'm sure advanced students and instructors can overheat the 335 in half the laps it takes me to do the same.

Also, I'm not in favor of a cool down lap every few laps. It breaks concentration & flow, including messing up the entire run group if you're running with fast guys/gals. I'd rather drive to my limit for 10 mins per session, overheat, do a single cool down lap and pit in.

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