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Originally Posted by HereAgain View Post
Don't feel sorry for me, I'm no "iDrive victim." I love iDrive and would not have a Bimmer without it. I've had two Progman updates thus far and not one of them broke anything. Japanese or German? No contest. I'd rather have one E90 than two, for example, G35s. Or any other Japanese cars for that matter. I've owned several Japanese vehicles, and they were all very well designed and built. But they're no BMW.
Agreed, there is not one Japanese car on the market I would buy at the moment, on the cars that look and feel nice they are crap to drive and the ones that drive alright feel like a peice of shite!!

I also had a 535d msport touring with i-drive and an M3 obviously without, and my wife has a 120d msport without and the i-drive car feels so much more modern to use, I would never buy another BMW with out it again either.