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Originally Posted by bnj View Post
That's the thing, you were already grinning by the time exiting the parking lot of the tire store.

You had an opinion already before driving. Of course, because you had made a choice already. You experience what you expect to experience. Moreover, new tires are better than old, and of course in a perfect balance.

I have been driving and tracking many Beemers with RFTs and non-RFTs. Same size RFTs are less comfortable, but appr. a second per kilometer quicker.

I am open to all choices when the time comes for the next set for my personal daily driver e92 335i. However, saying that Potenza RE050A RFTs suck is ignorance. Especially mated with e92 335i OE suspension they are fabulous performance wise. The thread is about Potenzas, not about Runflats in general.

Traditionally, European taste is towards performance & handling rather than comfort. It's understandable that I like my suspension (springs+shocks+tires) to be stiffer than you. I couldn't think of having my 335 without sport suspension or minimal flex in tirewalls. The turn-in must be sharp and I don't want my tires to wrap from the wheels in a fast curve, but be in a parallel with the ground offering the most grip. I have a tarmac rally suspension in my Integrale, and that has all the suspension elements a lot stiffer than my Bmw. Whatever funny theories people have here, the truth is that a fast tarmac suspension is very very stiff compared to any ordinary car suspension.

However, for your taste you can make a good choice having non-RFTs when its time to replace your old tires. But if you say my current tires are not good for me, I expect you even try to give me some facts. Because its quite bold of a statement. Especially, since I have been driving quite a lot of e92 335i at non-RFT's.
I am running the Potenza RFTs on my E90 323i Sport and all I can say is put 15000 kms plus on the Potenza RFTs and maybe you will agree with me that they suck. They get noisier, make a humming noise between 60 kph and 80 kph, and perform poorly on uneven pavement.

I don't like how the RFTs degrade... rather than just lossing rubber, they deform and cup for no reason. This is what pisses me off especially when you pay an arm and a leg for RFT Potenza tires.

I'd rather go non-RFT and have a set of tires that peforms effectively over the life of the tires rather than get RFTs that perform better when new and then degrade savagely over the life of the tire.

I couldn't care less about being faster around a race track. Try putting 15,000 km on a RFT potenza and 15,000 km on a standard Potenza and see who is faster more consistently on the track... I'd be curious to find out.