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Originally Posted by JoeyBananaz18 View Post
Op, i would also assume that your car is extremely rare. A manual trans., and a wagon body are 2 things right off the bat that would make your car not too common. but i think the real kicker is the fact that its an E91, w/o Xdrive. i had no idea that was even possible. any pics?
Depends on your definition of rare.

As a general rule of thumb, only 5% of cars sold in the US are manuals (perhaps the number is slightly [7-10%] higher for cars like BMW and lower [1-2%] for cars like Chevy) and only 5% are wagons. So, your car is 5% of 5%.

I'm not sure what the AWD to RWD ratio is for BMW, but I suspect that the RWD far outsells the AWD - the wagon is available in both versions.