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HID Xenon headlight bulb replacement cost

As it goes, just 400km after hitting 100,000km and deciding NOT to pay the R20,000 to extend my motorplan, the fun starts...

My right xenon light is turning pink more and more by the day, and is obviously gonna die in the next week or so.

Went to Leo Haese in Centurion. They first did not want to quote before they had the car on the diagnostics (at R650). I told them the bulb is going, they insisted it could be the electronics too, but eventually they quoted about R5,000 if its just the bulb and another R4,500 if its the balasts/electronics too.

BMW Zambesi wanted R350 to diagnose, and after I again told them the reason I drove there was cause it's obvious its the bulb and I just wanted a price, they quoted with discount R3,352 only for the part.

Club Motors Randburg wants R4,190.

Problem with buying just one globe at 100,000km is that they will differ in color as xenon naturally move to pink as it ages, (and the other one might not be far from going anyway) so I need 2! That's R10,000 for 2 globes!!

The BMW parts number is 63217217509 for D1S V4 4100K 35W 84V
See item nr1 on or attached pic.

Anyway, so I found few replacements on Amazon, from R1000 for same one (Osram Sylvania D1S 4100K) to R2,400 for 2 that's 8100K (much more blue and probably illegal).

I'm gonna order this week, and replace them myself. Someone will bring them over in about 3weeks. Replacement should be easy.
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