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Originally Posted by Anneka @ Sytner View Post
I have some really bad news Unfortunately I have a really big family emergency that is going to affect my ability to be in the office and on E90post over the next week. It was totally unexpected but the consequence is that unfortunately I'm not going to be able to host the meet this weekend and as there is no other Sytner staff available who can provide a suitable cover, I have to postpone the meet to a different weekend.

This is the very last thing that I wanted after all the work that has gone into organising the event, I hope that it doesn't cause too much inconvenience or disappointment to those who had planned to attend. I will be sending out personal PM's to apologise more personally and hope to see you all soon.

Sincere Apologies,

Wow, sorry to hear this Anneka. Family must come first and I'm sure everyone will understand. Hope everything works out ok. Let me know if you need any help with anything - we'll sort out another date of the meet when you're ready