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Originally Posted by JoeyBananaz18 View Post
Op,but i think the real kicker is the fact that its an E91, w/o Xdrive. i had no idea that was even possible. any pics?
Very possible. XDrive is an option.

Originally Posted by FrankiE90 View Post
Now, i'm drool'n for one in the states.
they need to have the 5 series touring in the US...hopefully August.
They stopped bringing them in due to poor sales, and have no plans to import them far. There was also rumor that the 3 series wagon would soon suffer the same fate due to lack of sales in the US. Americans just don't dig the wagons like they used to. Too many yuppies thinking tall vehicles that tip over easy and drink gas like a thirsty marathon runner are a better alternative.

Originally Posted by patrickch View Post
I didn't know BMW make E91 without XDrive, must be pretty rare.
I didn't know they offered it as an option until I started pricing my E91. Color me surprised when I found out it was indeed an option. I would've thought it to be rarer to find XDrive on the small wagon, until I learned it was available.