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Tyre pressures

Hi Guys,

Since i got my car 3 weeks ago, I thought the ride to be a bit bumpy so this morning I checked my trye pressures. Stone cold, they were 40psi. The door card says 200 - 220 KPI which is around 30psi. This I thought was low so I droped it to 36psi. I later went out and checked them when hot and they were 39psi. I droped this to 36psi hot. I'll check them tomorrow morning again before I go out.

For those with the M-Sport staggered tyres 225/45/17 + 255/40/17, I'm interested to see what pressures you are running (cold or hot).

Why on earth would the "wally dealer" set them to 40psi in the first place contridicting the official settings.