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Very few things in this world are black and white and all there are variables in all situations. Your generic response will depends on the specific type of coding performed, including variables like if the vehicle order is changed or not and what specific options are being coded. Just having the tools do not make a technician, proper training, experience and available resources to handle most type of situations is what does.

This cannot be learned in less than 3 months of obtaining an autologic.
My generic response was to your generic comment. Make it very clear from the first time so members can understand it.

Your statement that
With an autologic, the coding is protected
- simply false, unless you can prove it.

An example using the LCI Taillamp retrofit, LCI taillight programming can be overwritten with an update using a FRM2, while FRM3 coding is safe if updates were performed at your dealer. It purely depends on the situation.

On the LCI taillight retrofit side, much info was given in this thread for those looking for a bit of history:, with detailed info in Page 3.
You sound like a broken record with your LCI LED statements ... With your extensive experience you shouldn't have made many of your customers to purchase FRM3 and waste ~$400 on something they didn't have to.

When you started you tech Q/A thread you posted nothing about the FRM2 issue, although you knew about that problem. I was the first one tho brought it up.

Here you are admitting that:

The FRM2 issue was known when I was performing coding when this started, nothing you posted was beneficial to our cause as I don't typically report issues until a resolution is known or close.
I really feel sorry for those who jumped the gun and wasted $$$ money on something they didn't have to.

Feel free to PM me directly and I will be happy to locate an autologic programming facility nearby.
Please take care of your customers and I'll take care of mine ok ?

Keep in mind that unlike remoteKEY, your friend will require the lock button is held during the entire closing process using programming.
Again, you should also mention that remoteKEY will constantly be draining the battery on the car, can be easily detected by the dealer, and required tapping into the wires.

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