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Originally Posted by tom @ eas View Post
I don't see any argument at all.

If in reference to the mirror coding, this can be wiped (whether autologic or NCS Expert) out if the FRM is updated or obviously, replaced. The question from DigitalDawn was not towards any specific feature (other than assuming referring to the thread topic) and I should have worded it better to make things more clearly to understand.

Modules will always be immune from this since they are not affected by dealer programming. "Coding immunity" via flash programming will depend on the specific feature being coded, how its coded and what control modules are affected - you're well aware of this and this was never disputed, no matter what method being used for flashing. By replying in the thread I would assume you are performing the remote coding for Alekshop and not Aleks himself.

I respect your knowledge and experience on the matter, but your skills were not the ones being questioned here.

I am glad you responded in a civil way. I appreciate that.
This is my last post in this thread and I will try to keep it short.

It really does not matter who I do coding for. I can code a car located anywhere in the world, but that's not the point.

I also don't want to discuss the module vs. coding comparison, because I am sure there has been enough information already posted by you and Aleks.

What matters to me is that you stop telling everyone that remote coding is worse than Autologic.
It's NOT. Period!

I have never said a single word against you or Autologic and please don't make me start doing my own comparison why remote coding can be better.
I am ready for a technical discussion in a separate thread if you really want to keep it going, but I would prefer to focus on serving my customers rather than making a war.

I respect your business and I know you have been delivering good products and services to this community for a long time and I would appreciate if you could at least refrain from posting false information about remote coding services I am offering.

Sorry Aleks and everyone else for hijacking this thread! I am sure you all can understand my point.

Good night.