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Im curious myself as to these oil temps. Ive been in the aftermarket scene for about 6-7 years now and never had oil temps sitting this high. My first drive in one (auto coupe) then temps where hanging up around 240ish or so. Somewhat concerned me, so I pulled over to see what it would do, and it just sat there, and continued going UP!. But no lights or anything on the dash lol.

I'll be picking my MT sedan up next friday, so I will see how things go. My friends are going to Poconos on May 5th to run the south course (since I've never been road racing and always wanted to try, I figured Id go) but all this reading about very high oil temps makes me reconsider

But now that I think of it, my old Porsche ('86 951) use to run up in the 220-240 as well with oil temps....but that was beating on it down a straight stretch of hwy for about 2-3 minutes. Crusing it would sit around 200 degrees. In the cold, with a fresh oil change, it would sit around 175-180 degrees.

Lease or not, I take care of my cars as if they were my own. I plan on changing the oil every 3k, regardless of this 15k service interval. Call me outdated and crazy, but hey when the oil's free (working for the dealer has its perks), it can't hurt it.

I'm tempted to try the 10-60 oil we use for the S54 and S82 engines. Its a hair thicker, and given they use it for the M series, should provide some more protection. After the 1200 mile break in oil change, I'll give it a shot and see what happens. After all its a lease right?