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Originally Posted by Imperator View Post
We (as customers) should be aware of the risks and benefits of choosing one solution over another.

I haven't used an Autologic programmer, but am preparing to as I will likely need to walk my local shop through the procedures to change my base audio iDrive outputs to HiFi so I can use an external amplifier.

With this, I'm interested in any additional features that can be activated through the Autologic--including sunroof/window closure with the keyfob.

As I understand, features including CIC DVD viewing in-motion and the digital speedometer must be applied through remote programming and can NOT be activated by the Autologic. These features may also be overwritten or reversed when modules are updated by the dealership.

Other features such as door unlock on ignition cut must be added by external electronics such as the remoteKEY. The device may increase ignition-off current drain, but the amount of draw from the remoteKEY device is negligible and will not impact the number of days that the vehicle's battery may safely be connected.

If I'm incorrect with these assumptions, I'd welcome any corrections or additional info. Like others, I strongly desire adding these features to my car and want to be informed about the solution as much as possible.

I'll welcome any PMs if the vendors wish to make be better informed.
isn't full closure/opening standard?

more information on the digital speedo please