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Originally Posted by ages944 View Post
... BTW, I agree with msinfo that the methods he described for avoiding the tick seem to work. However, I don't know if doing those things in moderation are all that bad for the engine. Let the engine warm up before you drive hard (I personally don't move the car out of park until the choke turns off), but occasionally it's good to 'stretch her legs' a bit. Maybe not between every single stoplight, but occasionally. Spirited driving need not necessarily mean redlining the engine constantly. Again, to each their own on how they want to drive the cars they've paid for, but for me, the last time I heard the tick I got a little upset upon hearing it. As such, after the engine warmed up, I gave her the boot a few times during the commute to work. Not reckless, but spirited. When I got to work (which is 11mi from my house), I noticed the tick was gone. Was it the best for the engine, I dunno. Do I think in my opinion that I harmed the engine? Nope. Did the tick go away? Yes. Would that method work again next time? I don't know. Would I try it again? Yep. Did I feel better afterwards? Absolutely
I agree 100%. Ages, thank you for adding details -- this is exactly what I was trying to say. I think doing these things in moderation not only does not heart your engine but help to keep everything well lubricated, well sealed and help preventing spot wear (like we all know if you keep you RPM's under 3K forever engine will be very reluctant to go above which translates in lost HP)

To give you another example. My e91 has a severe ticking issue and I'll be returning it back to my dealer as soon as my new car is here. I don't want to make this problem worse than it already is. I want to give it back to dealer in as good condition as I can manage. My dealer did all he could to work with me and help and I want to do what is right. So, I don't let it tick. I am using methods Ages and I described above and it works every time. Does it still tick on cold start -- yes, but is it getting worse and happening much more often -- no (at least not at the rate it was degrading when I was not using these methods). I hope this helps. GL.
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