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Drives: 335i sedan, 02 Altima VQ35DE-T
Join Date: Feb 2007
Location: Ca

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V4 05-15-20 autotuning map running 17 lbs. of boost, 0% IC.
Fuel: Sunoco 110 oct. leaded
N2O jet: 0.32 (0.28 on run 29)
controller: Dynotune single stage controller to turn on @ 3500, off @ 6500
wheels and tires: heavy ass 19# Beyern Mesh and Nitto 555s
N2O bottle pressure: 900 on run 33, 700 on run 29
other: methanol injection 75/25 mix, twin nozzle setup with an M10 nozzle as primary and an M7 secondary nozzle to be triggered with the N2O.

Most bolt ons.

I wasn't able to change my spark plugs before the dyno runs (I had about 10,000 tuned miles on them). That's why we saw a misfire and had to stop at 6300 rpm.