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Wow, a couple of days away, a plethora of posts. I never cease to be amazed at the vitriol that appears on forums sometimes, it doesn't matter what make of vehicle or what price, people have an investment in their car, (something that is very precious to them) so they choose to defend their investments. That's cool.

Well, at least finally we get some real technical discussion..I was hoping that might surface eventually! :rocks:

Originally Posted by merritt View Post
Reporting numbers from the crank or from the wheels provides different feedback to different people. Not to mention that the numbers significantly differ between automatic and manual transmissions. While power at the wheels may be all you are looking for, an engine tuner can find the power at the crank to be a more meaningful number....
I would agree that the numbers at crank and wheels mean different things to different people and crank HP/TQ numbers are paramount in design and development as Merritt said. As part of a good final result, a whole package is developed with many different criteria considered, engine power/torque as well as drivability and long term reliability. Different tuners, different methods and results - everyone benefits from that sort of competition!

BTW, Welcome Merritt etc.