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Originally Posted by LOK11atXEDE View Post
Wow, a couple of days away, a plethora of posts.

Hope you're more accurate on other matters than you are on the passage of time.

I would agree that the numbers at crank and wheels mean different things to different people . . .
I guess we all could agree on that - even me, and I'm an ignoramus on this particular subject matter.

. . . and crank HP/TQ numbers are paramount in design and development as Merritt said.
Paramount . . . hmm, searching . . . nope, merritt never used that word.

As part of a good final result, a whole package is developed with many different criteria considered, engine power/torque as well as drivability and long term reliability.
I wish I understood what you just said.

Different tuners, different methods and results - everyone benefits from that sort of competition!
Don't know if I agree that everyone benefits from different methods and results - unless we all somehow benefit if one or more methods produces bad or unfavorable results.

However, I agree that competition is good. But since I'm an ignoramus on the foregoing subject matter, I don't know if you want to be in agreement with me.