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There are very few subjects around that seem to attract as much BS as tyre pressures. IMHO for normal road use, the "right" tyre pressure - if indeed there is one - is the pressure which provides the most even wear across the width of the tyre. That signifies that the contact patch is doing what it should.

Excess pressure will wear the centre, enhance steering feel, enhance wet grip ( slightly - as the tread grooves are forced a liittle wider) and compromise ride. Insufficient pressure will wear the edges, diminish steering feel, marginally reduce wet grip, improve ride.

After a lot of stuffing around with pressures with many different cars and many performance tyres, I've come to the conclusion that somewhere between 34-35psi all round seems to yield the most even tread wear, almost regardless of the vehicle/tyre combination. Of course you should bump it up if you are fully laden on a long trip, or at a track day track day. But I never run any car below 34psi, regardless of what is on the placard.

Try it out and I'll bet your tyres wear optimally across the width of the tread