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Hi Onesixeight,

I live in the area as well, I have had a 330 for a little over a year, with nothing but problems with it, I must bring it into bmw of honolulu as least once every 2 months for a "new surprise" lucky it is under warranty. But never the less, they always tell me that loaner cars are scarce, and most of the time I have a shuttle or if less than a day, and if I need a car to drive I have to foot the bill for a rental from enterprise. The few times you are able to get a loaner its a 3 series. But anyway I have ordered a new 330I with some hestitaion as far a reliability and might hop over to mercedes since they have a fleet of loaners, as I still have not taken delivery of my car and my deposit can be refunded.Does you salesperson make sure you have a loaner or is it just within the realm of the service dept?.I would like to know, so I can address the issue before I take the keys.