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Originally Posted by sfef84 View Post

I especially appreciate the new TSB about excessive cranking to start the engine!

What is the difference between TSB and ISB?

1)As I was reading through the list, I saw an ISB for E60 regarding the replacement of valve cover due to cracked screws or something. My e90 325i w/ 127,000 miles has FOUR cracked screws but has not been leaking oil (phew).
Any TSB for the e90 yet for that issue?

2) Any update for a TSB regarding the DSC FTM failure (some say the fix is a steering wheel sensor replacement)? It seems there have been a lot of instances of this failure lately

Do not know what an ISB is. SIB is Service Information Bulletin, which is BMW speak for Technical Service Bulletin (TSB).

1) That was pretty old SIB on the V8 engines only. No similar issue with I6 engines.

2) Nothing new in regard to SIB ion this subject. Way back on '06 and '07 the 5 and 6 series had issues with the SZL (Steering wheel sensor) that manifested itself as a DSC, or ABS or Active steering or active roll stabilization errors or failures.

As to your next question on in / out of warranty – Each SIB states clearly whether BMW will cover the cost or not and gives the center a special code to use for IN WARRANTY. 99 % are covered but some items will not be. If you are out of warranty you would be obliged to pay regardless. Now it is true that once in awhile you can get the dealer to cover the cost under “goodwill”. That is applied on a case by case basis and works best of you had complained about a problem during the warranty period which subsequently does break after the warranty period. Or it could be something they already repaired once or twice before. You usually have to approach this in a polite but firm manner and often requires going to the service manager and pressing your case. Polite letters often help in this case as well. There are some special cases (I think the HPFP is one example) where BMW has extended the warranty period on that item ONLY for 5 or even 10 years.
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