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boku no namae ha...

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lol I don't know if my biased opinion would be of much help. I'm doing pretty well right now in terms of the core classes that med school requires... but thats only because my highschool prepared me well... Both uc and csu are public schools... should be similar environments... but if I were facing the choice between csu and uc I'd pick UC hands down... better name, perhaps a more competitive environment, and more resources. In terms of it being easier--well college is college, your choosing your future which means how hard you work and your determination will factor into your success. If you don't plan on working at a UC and don't plan on working at CSU, I wouldn't know which to go to... haha.

just go to a UC. I'm thinking of transfering to LA or SD because my gpa is of good standing, but I'm not sure if that will work out.
looking for a PreLCI Black Sapphire e90 front bumper without license plate holes

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