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I would go to De Anza. It's ranked the number 1 CC in California. It's also the cheapest and possibly the most funded. If you plan to work really hard to get into a UC then by all means go to a CC and then transfer. It's a lot cheaper this way since the first 2 years are only for lower division GE classes.

If you dont think you will work that hard to keep your GPA above a 3.0,you should just transfer to a UC if you have the grades because you wouldnt have to struggle to keep a high GPA. G'luck with your decision.

PS- and never, never go to a CSU and then transfer to a UC. I told a friend of mine to go to a CC and then transfer to a UC later. He didnt listen so he went to SFSU. Then after 1 semester he transferred back to De Anza. It's sooo much tougher to transfer from a CSU to a UC. Besides, De Anza pretty has agreements with every possible UC and CSU campuses around here.