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Pending funds clearing on Friday.

Pending funds clearing on Friday, this might be sold. I'll update the status as soon as the funds clear.

Here's my thoughts on each of the knobs:

The stock knob has zero weight to it and is too tall. Hate it.

The performance knob is about the same weight and height as the perforated knob. The Alcantara leather on the knob adds a nice feel and grip. Plus if they use Alcantara for seats, it must be durable.

The perforated knob has nice weight and is BIG. I was surprised at how large it was but feels great in your hand.

Which one do I like? I think it boils down to two things: 1) Do you like the feel of the metallic knob, and the shiny look, then go for the performance knob. It looks great by the way and the dark black boot is sexy. 2) If you like the look of leather and like a BIG beefy knob, then the perforated one is for you. The perforated one is expensive but it reminds me of the Honda Accord knob on steroids. I like the Accord knob and got used to the perforated feel from my 2005 Audi A4 Ultrasport.

I wish BMW would offer the perforated knob without the boot, that would lower the cost considerably. If they did, I would have installed the Alcantara boot with the perforated knob. Since the boot is attached to the perforated shift knob, you have to buy them and install them as a set.

I'll post some pics tonight so you can see the differences in the knobs. Thanks for the interest everyone.

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