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Thanks a million for the schematic. Cleared up a lot of confusion for me. I have the base/standard audio for a 2011 M3 sedan that has 8 speakers (2 x front sail-mounted tweeters, 2 x front door-mounted mids, 2 x under-the-seat subwoofers, 2 x rear deck mids). I don't have the rear deck tweeters.

Checking in the trunk and unhooking the BMW OEM wiring harness, I could see that I have all the same (OUT to speakers from amplifier) wires as mentioned above (although I technically do not have the HiFi option but something similar below it).

I have 2 major questions for all the experts:
1) I have several thin straight-pairs of wires such as...

. Gray/Green (?)
. Gray/White (?)

. White/Black (?)
. White/Green (?)

. White/Blue (?)
. White/Yellow (?)

Are these from the Head Unit to the Amplifier (IN) wires? If so, what exactly are the function or routing origins of these specific wire pairs. And if these are indeed IN to the amplifier wires, then did I somehow not see or miss a fourth pair?

2) And if these mysterious wires are not the IN wires, then how come I can't find any lines from the head unit to the amp? In other words, I can't find the Y/R, Br/Or, Y/BL, Br/Or, Blue/R, Br/Or, Blue/BL, Br/Or wires depicted in the original schematic? Where might they be?

Thanks in advance.
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