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Go by pin, not by color:

Originally Posted by MudPhud View Post
Thanks, VPE, I believe you may be correct in surmising that the colors of the wires may have changed. I went back and noticed that I had missed a straight-pair in the earlier post:

. Gray/Green (?) has 66-16 stamped on it
. Gray/White (?)

. White/Black (?) hard to see but it's buried in there
. White/Green (?) hard to see but it's buried in there

. White/Blue (?)
. White/Yellow (?) has 266-29 stamped on it

. Black (?)
. Gray/Purple (?)

They definitely appear as a straight pair at the harness bundle. But they could very well be twisted together as a pair as they travel through the great black bundle. I took some photos to see if others may recognize them. I suppose I could take the subconnectors out of the main connector harness to see which pins they go into. If I'm brave enough...

Assuming these straight wires are indeed the head unit to amp wires, they would each be full audio range, correct? To connect it to a JL Audio amp (haven't bought it yet, but am thinking of the XD600/5 once it becomes available), would it then have to be spliced onto one of those wire-to-RCA connectors? The JL Audio XB-CLRAIC2-SW I thought was to treat a speaker out line signal back to RCA and then into another amp which is a different situation altogether, correct?