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Originally Posted by SpecC View Post
davis' system is wack! i got rejected from them and lots of pepole who suck got in! i'm currently in the community college system. To transfer to some of the UCs(SD,davis, LA), you sign a contract sometime where you have to keep a certain GPA, and take certain classes then they have to accept you which is what i'm going to do to go to UCDavis

as for med school, i suggest UCSF. They are something like #3 in the country for med stuff. I'm planning to go there for my pharmacy stuff
I agree.... A friend of mine (who is my prom date) got in and she have only like 3.4 GPA with a extra curriculum. I dont noe how they pick da ppl since my other friend have like 3.7 with all the high classes with alot of extra curriculum such as sports, clubs and etc and still didn't manage to get in Davis. Now WTF is this all about