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boku no namae ha...

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what major? lol... yeah some schools are really weird. I was talking to this one guy from Sacramento who didn't get into LA or SD but got into Berk...

Not sure what you mean for grading scale... Berk is more of a private school than anything. It doesn't use the regular UC structure... but yeah grading scale? Not sure what you mean by that... are you saying like they count A+/A/A- all as A's, B+/B/B- all as B's? or something else?

Grading shouldnt matter too much... its all the same really. Your grade on a test is based off the grades of your peers and some classes will have different grading scales. For instance my English class does not have a curve at all... its soley based on what you get based on papers. However, my chem class uses the regular average + standard deviation curve. Most often the averages are around 60-75%, and the Standard Deviation is around 10-15%. My math teacher uses a similar technique but instead of giving you the average and standard deviation he gives you a set of grades based on a scale... 0-47 is a F, 47-60 is a D, 60-73 is a C, 73-85 is a B, 85+ is an A. Within each letter category, there is the "+" "regular" and "-" grades... and each scale differs depending on the students' performances.

Honestly you shouldn't be concerned about the way schools grade... only thing you have to know in the typical UC class is to stay above the curve --but you probably already know that...
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