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Originally Posted by cb1111 View Post
Patrys. It is always important to take precautions when you give someone control of your computer.

The fact is that some countries are known for hacking - Russia, Poland, the balkans, (basically any of the old "Soviet bloc" countries) Israel and France just to name a few are generally considered to be countries where the computer laws haven't caught up to the hacking skills - or the hacking is state sponsored.

I'd have no qualms buying from you (and may well once I get some issues sorted) but I'd only do it from a computer that had no personal information on it and would get wiped thereafter - regardless of where the seller is.

Not only that, but doing something like this on a clean computerdecreases the likelyhood that there will be some sort of port conflict. I can reimage the computer with a clean Win7 install in about a half hour - far less time than it takes to resolve a conflict.
As I said before I agree with you!!!

But I just did not understand why Poland was on your black list. I did a quick search in Google to see anything about Poland and hackers and identity theft and couldn't really find anything... But again it was just a quick search and I would really hear such stories living in Poland, wouldn't I?

So to sum up, if somebody feels better giving me access to a clean install of Windows I am absolutely fine with that and I even prefer it. Sometimes people have so many background applications running which make their computers extremly slow