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Batter at Autozone that fits the original one perfectly

Thanks for the post and pictures which demystified the process significantly.

My car was dead after getting out from lunch at a restaurant. Service truck came and tried to jump start my car, however he could not with his truck battery (this is a big truck!). He had to use that together with an external battery (1600Amps), and my car was started. However, when I got home, could not start it again.

Read your post, went out to Autozone, try to get the two batteried mentioned here, however, one is too big, the other one is about the same size however, not up to original specs. Luckily the manager told me that there is another one that looks exactly like the original but not listed in the computer. I looked at it, sure enough it it basically the same but with higher specs (775 cold cranking amp and 995 regular amp). I bought it and it fits perfectly even the venting hold is at the same location as the original battery.

This one costs me $153, but the warranty is 3 year replacement and 3-8 years pro-rated. The model is 94R-DLG.

After I plugged it in, turned on the ignition everything worked except that all of the malfunction symbols were one. To reset, just drove around the block once and turned it off and on, everything is fine now.

I wrote this to make sure that people know that there is another one that is perfect.

Hope this helps.