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your already in college right? or are you in highschool? I keep forgetting. What I listed above is from HS -> College... not CC -> 4 year Institution. extracurriculars shouldn't really matter if your transfering... just get good grades for the classes your taking... obviously if you volunteer somewhere or hold a job while taking classes while having good standing in school, you'll look more favorable... I believe that transfers also have three essays, similar to that of the freshmen applicants. I think there is a fourth essay asking why you want to transfer--I forget.

Contact the admissions offices and go to the websites of these colleges if you have questions. The websites often give requirements for potential transfers--I was looking at the UCSD transfer site for a while and there was plenty of information given...

umm... imo if your going to transfer from CC and you already have a major in mind, find out what classes are required for the major in the college your thinking about going to and see if you can take them at De Anza... you'll have to check or something to see if the classes are transferable from the specific CC to the specific 4yrcollege. Sometimes, there might not be alot of classes you can take that are specific to your major... which means you'll have to just take the GE's and get those out of the way... I'd talk to admissions for more specific info.

Depending on your major, this may or may not be good... you said you wanted to go to a medical school, so not taking any science clases at the CC wouldn't be good--since there are so many series you would have to accomplish after transferring.

I'm currently a 1st year going to UC Davis as a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major--planning on changing to another major in College of Bio Sci though... alot of students aren't very aware of how admissions work cause their highschools or community college counslers are crap... My highschool actually has four college counslers for approximately 170 students, whereas the average school would have a similar amount of counslers for a thousand or more students... two of those counslers worked at Santa Clara University's undergrad admissions... yadida.
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