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Firstly, new member here and proud E90 owner!

Anyway, I just recently bought my 330i manual which is a 2005 model with only 48K km on the clock. First thing I need to do is get rid of the Continental run-flats! They are hard, noisy and 'tramline' quite a bit - 225/45/17 front and back.

A few odd things that I have had to get use to - there is no temperature gauge for the engine, so no way of knowing when the engine is up to operating temperature. When I got the car I eventually saw how to check the oil level and it was on the halfway mark, and from what I can see the car was serviced in January this year. It was serviced at 42700 km and when I first checked and saw the half way mark level it was on 47000 km. Then yesterday I checked the level and all of a sudden I see it's on the 1/4 mark! Will keep an eye on it. The manual says that only once it has reached the minimum mark it should be topped up with a litre of oil - rough calculation tells me that would be every 9 - 10K km!!