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GPS format? - for preloading addresses on USB

Had a quick search around and while some topics dance around the issue, I thought I would post a specific topic requesting the format of the GSP info stored on the USB.

Having an E60 and having to have the nav system serviced on a couple of occasions has meant loosing and re-entering all my addresses.

About to buy an F10 and it has USB, but I don't want to have to key the addressed in YET AGAIN. So as a partial solution I wouldn't mind typing the addresses into a GPS program on the PC and then saving that on the USB stick which ultimately gets loaded in to the F10 nav system.

I have a URL of some s/w that seems to say that it can do it. I'll add that to a reply.

BTW, Moderators, if this is better posted in another forum, I won't be offended, but there didn't seem to be a forum devoted to the technology across a number of models and there wasn't a specific sub-forum in the F10 forum.

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