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I want to do this mod to improve visibility while backing up at night. The back-up lights are not as bright as I would like -- not an issue in the city, but handy where I am out in the dark countryside where you can really see the stars...

So, if I understand the problem, one needs to pull out the light control assembly, crack it open, get the little white plastic piece, duplicate it, place both pieces back in in the right place so that they push the control bumps on the control card when the button is pushed -- and a couple bits of plastic along the edge of the button have to be clipped to allow it to move in when pushed.

Cool. Someone will come up with the ideal material to fab the white part. I am going to put my sons to work searching in their Legos. Alternatively, my wife's dept just got a cool machine that can scan an object -- say, for example, the head of a femur, digitize it in 3-D, and then duplicate it from this foam material that can be hardened. Somehow I don't think I'm going to displace the surgeons to get time on this...