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Originally Posted by just4kickz View Post
well it's not so much GPA...

Classes you take/Grades, GPA, Extracurriculars, The essay, SAT, community service are probably the main determining factors of acceptance or rejection. I think people consider the GPA as too high of a determining factor when its really the essay and classes you take that count alot more... if you challenge yourself and do well, it will translate to the gpa--however if you don't challenge yourself and do poorly or challenge yourself and do poorly, it will also be reflected in your gpa.
Yeah, but think ~1400 SATs and zero extracurriculars. his comprehension of english is pretty terrible so i doubt his essay was very good. I think the only reason he got in was due to the fact that he's from China and that he applied under a major that nearly nobody takes at Davis (economics)

The CC road is a great second opportunity i must say. But if you plan on going to grad school, you better have the grades for all of it to get in